Refreshingly Soulful Blues

Vince Junior Band

We are excited to share with you the new release by Vince Junior Band, Refreshingly Soulful Blues! This 2017 CD features all new songs penned by Vince Junior, with two original covers. Refreshing because the themes in the songs are rarely expressed in blues music. These are song for listeners who’ve experienced a bit of life: kids leaving home (Empty Nesting), dreams deferred, (Color of Your Blues), and growing older (This is the Way) to name a few. Refreshing because the arrangements are not the I, IV, V standard blues forms. The songs leave you thinking, “This is different, but very familiar!” And then there’s the voice. Vince Junior’s husky baritone over a Stratocaster, Fender Rhodes, Bass, and Drums is as smooth as aged Scotch in a neighborhood bar on a Friday night after work.

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