l to r: Vince Junior, Noah Pitts, David Cohen, Bert Handy

l to r: Vince Junior, Noah Pitts, David Cohen, Bert Handy

"Vince Junior always brings his "A" game whenever we jam. He never fails to inspire me and the band to play at our best!"” - Tele Master Will Ray

Bert Handy joins VJB

We are so excited to be playing with Bert! Bert was born in Borington, NC to deaf parents. He's been a bassist  since 1990. Some of his biggest influences are his Pawpaw, born of Native descent and raised in Western NC, and The Beatles. He used to drive  his Irish grandfather nuts listening to 8 tracks of them all day long, along with the Allman Brothers, Claypool, and George Porter, Jr. Looking forward to making some great new music with Bert, and reinventing some of our repertoire!

Previous events

vince junior band

Asheville Guitar Bar, 122 Riverside Dr, Asheville, NC 28801

Vince Junior Band is proud to announce the release of their second CD, 6:30 Coffee/ 5:00 Beer. This is also Vince's ninth release! Please come and enjoy the fun as it is also Vince's 60th birthday! Asheville Guitar Bar is a wonderful venue with a friendly atmosphere. We'll have new merch for sale, and lots of great music for you, along with some special guests.


vince junior band

Grey Eagle

Benefit for Asheville Middle School. Lots of bands playing theme based covers.

Refreshingly Soulful Blues

Addison Farms Vineyard....a hidden secret in Asheville 

 "The upbeat soulful sounds of The Vince Junior Band set the tone for a fun and engaging afternoon,

        encouraging our guests to linger and enjoy wine with their friends.  The VJB’s professionalism and
        musical acuity made them an excellent choice for our vineyard’s event; our guests thoroughly

        enjoyed their music." Addison Farms Vineyard

Vince Junior Band 

Looking forward to sharing some terrific new songs we've been working on. David Cohen on drums, Noah Pitts on keys and vox, Steve Frankel on bass. I've never felt better about the music we're creating!!!

Next Project News 

I’m not sure how the music of the Mississippi Delta captured the heart and soul of a 14 year old boy from Massapequa, New York. But when I first heard Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt and soon others, it was all I could listen to. There was that first Hot Tuna album too, that led me to many more blues men. I guess Billy McEwan, my first guitar teacher, was also greatly influential in my path to finger picking blues and also Chet Atkins and Merle Travis. Eventually, I found Ry Cooder and in his music there was a different sound. Not just the chug, chug, chugging of the train, but something more fluid and well, tidal I’d guess. Far from the cotton fields of the Delta were two musical forms that though thousands of miles apart, seemed similar to me. The Bahamas and Hawaii are both islands, but obviously, culturally very different. Yet the music of Joseph Spence from the Bahamas, and Slack Key guitar from Hawaii both seemed to me to capture the moving and lapping of the waves, a sound this Long Island boy knew well. I’d spent summers at the beach or on a family boat clamming, crabbing and fishing. So maybe the salty sound is something that was inevitable for me. So right now I’m working on woodshedding tunes by Joseph Spence and some of my slack key favorites. I’ll record them in my studio and hope to have them out soon. I’ll let you know when they are done and ready to download.


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