(l to r) Wayne Kirby, bass. Vince Junior, guitar,vocals. Noah Pitts, keys. Robert George, drums.

John Monteleone with Small Fry John transformed a Rex Playboy 6 string into this amazing 12 string many years ago, at the request of Billy McEwan. I saw Billy play this many times, and was always mesmerized by its sound. I bought it from someone who had it redone by Ronnie someone on Long Island.

Vince Senior and Junior, with a little Gabe.

This is my 1929 L5 Gibson that belonged to Billy McEwan

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Noah Pitts, keys/vocals,  Vince Junior, guitar, vocals,  Corky McMillan, bass/vocals, Robert George, drums

Vince Junior

USA Today All Star Team Award Photo

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From 2005-2012, I took my class of 4th graders to Echo Mountain Recording Studios to record songs they wrote about 4th grade curriculum. We wrote about the plight of migrant farm children, Cherokee culture, the Ice Age In North Carolina, Immigration, and many other topics. They did a car wash fundraiser to help with the cost, and learned all about how a recording studio worked. To this day, when I ask former students what they remember from 4th grade, this is always first. They all have CDs of their songs and remark how they still listen to them.

Crooked Routes in front of Rockola

Crooked Routes was my first band. Very proud of the music we played together. Sadly, the Rockola is gone, but it was a wonderful West Asheville image.

With my trusted Telecaster. I got it signed by B.B. King and Junior Brown