The Black Keys and more

One of my goals for this year was to get out and hear more live music. That was one of the reasons for moving to Asheville ten years ago. Well, the last two Thursday nights have been unbeatable...Last week it was the funky New Mastersounds at Pisgah Brewing. I thought there'd be a dozen or so people out was packed and the band was perfect...I felt like it could have been 1969 in a NY Club with Booker T or the Meters, but revved up quite a few notches. They really were new and different but deeply routed in music that is so familiar.....Then this week it was the Black Keys, who I was lucky enough to get a ticket for. Again, a band that did their homework about the equation of history of music + personal input usually = something new and real, at leat to me. Catchy, heavy riffs, booming drums, sweet singing, and drenching volume. They are a band that dispels the myth that rock and roll is dead. It is alive and well and real and relevant, at least to me.

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